Monday, June 16, 2008

Worlds of their Own

A short story I wrote for the Eric Reynolds anthology, Golden Age SF: Tales of a Bygone Future, has been picked up to be reprinted in a new anthology featuring main stream SF works written by game-related fiction authors.

Check out the Paizo page for Worlds of their Own for more information.

The part that thrills me the most is the company I am keeping in this anthology. Big name authors like R.A. Salvatore, Mike Stackpole, and even Gary Gygax grace the cover. Pretty exciting stuff.

Cool cover too.

Can't wait to see this one.


Thursday, March 6, 2008


My latest piece of fiction will be in stores in less than a month.

Here's the link to the product page:

Shadowmoor Product Page

It is a new Magic Anthology. My story, "Meme's Tale," is an homage to The Jungle Book. I'm very happy with it. I hope readers enjoy it.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

RIP Gary Gygax

I know I don't post often enough, but this definitely deserved a post today.

I never met Gary Gygax, but I don't think it's hyperbole to say that every cool job in my life (including my current job) is directly attributable to his influence in this world.

There would have been no Magic: The Gathering (which spawned its own industry) or computer and video rpgs (including the juggernaut that is WoW or the game I am so lucky to work on called Guild Wars) without E. Gary Gygax and D&D.

But his impact didn't just impact me and my own personal career, he made thinking on your feet (and rolling dice to make decisions) cool for many millions of people. For that alone, he should have a special place reserved in history (and in the afterlife of his choice). We are all better people today for having played the game he gave us 34 years ago, and all of its offshoots.

The gaming industry has lost its Tolkien, its Shakespeare. I don't think we should let this day pass without spending a moment thinking about the magnitude of his impact on the world.

And then, go out and roll 3d6. May all your rolls be natural 18s, Gary.