Saturday, December 9, 2006

First Post

Look, it's my first First Post ever. Don't you just hate those people? They never say anything but "I'm first!" Well, I am most definitely not first. In fact, if I had waited any longer to start a blog, I think I would have been the last person on the planet to have one.

Anyway, I have set up this blog as a way to more easily talk about what's going on in the life of Will McDermott, writer and all around good guy (really, just ask anyone; I really am a writer).

If you don't believe me, just check out my web page at

So, here's what you can expect from this blog. I will talk about myself and my projects and my work, and a little about my play (not the one I'm writing, but what I'm currently doing during my free time.

So, to get everyone up to speed, here is who and what I am at this moment in time:

Will McDermott is a fantasy and science fiction writer currently specializing in game-related shared world fiction. I have written two Magic: The Gathering novels and three Necromunda novels (Necromunda is an offshoot of Warhammer 40K). I've also written about a dozen short stories (most of them published) and some nonfiction game material (Magic and Pokemon guides and one hardcover Dungeons&Dragons game supplement).

What I'm currently working on:

My current day job is as a writer for ArenaNet, the makers of the online role-playing game Guild Wars. I write and edit dialogue for the characters in the game. We just shipped the third campaign in the series. It's called Nightfall, and I touched at least half of all the text in the game during the development cycle. It's a great gig, and I hope that having a real paycheck again (after five years of freelancing) will allow me the psace I need to write novels in my own worlds instead of always playing in other people's sandboxes.

I just finished proofing the galleys for my latest Necromunda novel (Kal Jerico:Lasgun Wedding). This is a fun story of how the intrepid bounty hunter, Kal Jerico tries to weasel his way out of a forced marriage while tracking down the assassin who killed his father. Lasgun Wedding will be on bookshelves next April.

What I'm currently playing:

I have turned into a MMORPG addict over the last two years. I play a number of characters in World of Warcraft (look for Baraqorn, Yolanda, or Trogana as those are the toons I play most often). I've also gotten into Guild Wars since starting to work for the company and really love it's combat system, lush visuals, and great storylines. I have borrowed names from my Kal Jerico books for my two main toons in Guild Wars. So look for Yolanda Catallus and Kal Jerrico in those games.

I love to chat with people online, so feel free to whisper me if you see me online.


Shenanigans1930 said...
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Shenanigans1930 said...

Hey there!

Recently, a friend of mine let me borrow his copy of the Monsters of Magic anthology. I just got done reading your short story "Ach! Hans, Run!" and I'm here to say that I loved it! The Lhurgoyf is a particular favorite creature of mine, and the Ice Age setting is easily my favorite in Magic history. I loved your inclusion of characters and creatures, and found the story itself unique and colorful.

After looking you up in Google, I discovered you also wrote a number of books based on the awesome Necromunda setting, which is another game I'm very fond of. Considering what you did with that short story, I intend to get a copy of these books ASAP.

Thanks again for adding even more flavor to a great Magic setting!

- Jesse Sikes,
Editor at
Host of the MechaniX podcast at

Will McDermott said...

Jesse - Thanks for your kind words. I think that Ach! Hans, Run! is probably one of my favorite stories I've written. As soon as I had heard about the Monsters anthology, I knew I wanted to do a Grendl-like story told from the monster's perspective. The Lhurgoyff was the perfect choice for that concept. It's just so primal.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Necromunda novels. I have a third one coming out in April called Lasgun Wedding.